About Us:

RI GROUP INTERNATIONAL is a corporation that manages real estate developments in Panama and Latin America for more than 10 years and for many years in the European market.

We are a company specialized in the design, management, administration and construction of buildings, shopping centers, offices and homes, as specialists in the field we consider that each real estate operation is unique and particular, the range of products that we find in the region requires different types of advice, and is required to maintain the quality of service that our customers deserve.

Today we are a strong, solid Real Estate business group with a desire to continue growing year after year.

Our mission is to develop residential and commercial complexes that provide our clients with quality, modernity, location and value. We have a vision to develop cutting-edge, innovative and successful complexes in the national and international market for clients or investors looking for the perfect element that allows you to take advantage of real estate market opportunities.

RI GROUP INTERNATIONAL studies, evaluates and determines trends, behaviors and changes in consumer habits, analyzing the market and other elements that influence the dynamics of the global environment; offering excellent alternatives to live and have economic success continuously in a short time.

  • Technical, financial and commercial advice.
  • Search for investment opportunities.
  • Search for co-investors for projects.
  • Economic success: based on a return of benefits.
  • Security: look for alliances with strong banks that support the business.
  • Legal backing: strong legislative support with investment experience

We work to be a leading group in the business sectors that we participate, linked to the economic success of our businesses, as well as the creation of values, the creation of success and satisfaction of our customers, shareholders and team through integration, communication and exchange of experiences. , always looking for the synergy of our businesses in the different sectors such as Commerce, Services and Real Estate.

In RI GROUP INTERNATIONAL we are also aware that jobs must be generated and therefore RI GROUP are all those people who are part of the human team, which has strong ethical values and integrity in order to offer a quality service and focused on the total satisfaction of our customers; becoming a leading corporation, serious, committed and able to listen.

We are a new business model adapted to the current market context. We build with principles, we satisfy our clients and we put in their hands a quality home, personalized and at a fair price. We implement a radical change in the construction industry and property development, with clear and solid ideas: to be the first real estate developer that offers quality homes at fair prices for our potential clients.

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